Why study A Level Art, Craft and Design?

Students will work with a wide range of materials and techniques with the purpose of helping them to express ideas, beliefs, opinions etc. in a visual way. The work of contemporary designers and artists as well as those from other times and cultures will be an important and integral part of the course, as is the importance of social and historical context.

How will I be assessed?

Year 12

Is an Introduction to and exploration of ideas, materials, techniques and processes aiding the development of skills, knowledge and understanding.

Introduction to research skills and processes.

No set assessment.


Year 13 Full A Level

Component 1

Personal Investigation – 60%

This will include a 1,000 – 3,000 word written response.


Component 2

Externally set Assignment – 40%

Preparatory period + 15 hours of supervised times.


There are four assessments, objectives against which all components must be measured.


Grade 5 at GCSE Art and Design.

What skills will I gain from studying Art,Craft and Design?

The most important skill is that of Independent Learning and thinking. Each student with the help and one to one negotiation with experienced teachers can navigate their own pathway through largely personal investigation.

Where can Art, Craft and Design lead?

A very large field of opportunities are available for which Art and Design training is recommended e.g. Fine Art, Fashion, Textiles (with or without Marketing/Business, Merchandising, Buying etc.) Graphic Design, Product Design, Architecture,

Media Studies, Film Studies etc. It is important to add that many students who have Art and Design as one of their chosen subjects in the Sixth Form have gone on to University to study a wide range of courses including English, Law, Medicine, Business Studies, Engineering and many more.

Additional Comment

The track record of the Art and Design Department is Outstanding, achieving 100% pass rates each year with large numbers of students achieving the highest grades. Many students each year go on to further study at highly acclaimed institutions across the country.

Biannually there is a trip to New York in Year 13. There have also been trips to Paris, London and Liverpool.

Students will be expected to purchase a basic Art Pack at the beginning of the course.

What will I study?

Component 1

This is a practical investigation supported by written material. Students are required to conduct a practical investigation into an idea, issue, concept or theme, supported by written material. The focus of the investigation must be identified independently by the student and must lead to a finished outcome or a series of related finished outcomes. It must include evidence of the student’s ability to research and develop ideas and relate their work in meaningful ways to relevant critical/contextual materials.

Component 2

This will be in response to an externally set Stimulus. Showing their ability to work independently with time constraints.

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