The WJEC Examination Board offer a Vocational Diploma in Medical Science that is gradually being recognised by more universities. It involves covering six units over the two-year period.

This course is suitable for those students wanting to follow employment in areas of medical science eg Physiological Sciences or Clinical Laboratory Services. Students need to be aware that topics such as Statistics and Biochemistry will be covered in the course. Other lesson activities may include Lab Tests, Case Studies, Role Play, Research and Body System Measurements.

Entry Requirements

A Grade 5 in two GCSE Science subjects (Higher Tier) or Combined Sciences (55, Higher Tier). A Grade 5 (Higher Tier) will be required in both Mathematics and English.

This course offers an alternative curriculum to Biology but is not a replacement.

In Year 12

The three units are:

Unit 1: Human Health and Disease (Written Exam in June)
Unit 2: Physiological Measurements (Coursework)
Unit 3: Medical Science Research Methods (Coursework)

In Year 13

The three units are:

Unit 4: Medicines and Treatment of Disease (Coursework)
Unit 5: Clinical Laboratory Techniques (Coursework – externally assessed)
Unit 6:Medical Case Study (Exam)

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